Bike Hire

We’ll be launching details on bike hire shortly

Prior to the launch, we expect a number of Bike Hire & Tour Companies set up to facilitate those wishing to use this new greenway

A number of existing companies from the neighbouring Waterford Greenway have expressed an interest in expanding their operations.

Bike Hire New Ross

New Ross will be a prime position for people to start their adventure on the greenway. A number of operators are already seeking prime positions to offer bike hire prior to the launch of the new Greenway.

Bike Hire Waterford.

A number of companies already operate bike hire shops in Waterford. These companies will be easily able to offer bike hire for the new Kilkenny Greenway. Please see below for a number of companies already offer bike hire in Waterford.

There are 2 companies providing bike hire in Waterford City. Both have similar names using Waterford Greenway in their business name. Do we recommend one over the other? No, we’ve no experience of either.